Immigrated to North America under the reign of King George II about 1758.

Born in County Tyrone, Ireland, in March, 1733, Hugh Ghormley married Catherine Covington at age October, 1757.  Within a year the couple decided to migrate to North America.  It is not known what the reason for leaving Ireland and making such a long voyage to a newly discovered continent might have been, but it was a daunting undertaking for anyone in that period to board a small sailing vessel and sail westward across the Atlantic for months before arriving in a new land.  It is possible that Hugh's older brothers had made the trip before him and had communicated with the family back in Ireland of their arrival in North America.  Whatever the reason, Hugh took his new bride, boarded the vessel with whatever belongings he could carry on the journey and began a new chapter in the history of his legacy.

One should realize that during the time the couple was considering the move, Catherine was pregnant.  Before they arrived in North America, their first son, Abraham, was born.  The day after Christmas, December 26, 1758, Catherine gave birth to Abraham.  Some records show his birth to be in Ireland which would mean he was born just prior to sailing.  Without confirmation of the duration of the voyage, it can be speculated that Abraham may have born aboard ship as he was about six months old when he arrived in America with his parents in 1759.

It has come to my attention that I may have contributed to a myth in denoting that Hugh's middle initial was "I". More recent research in the fall of 2003, has caused me to believe that references to Hugh with the middle initial "I" were, in fact, simply misrepresentations that should have indicated he was the "first" Hugh as he had a son named Hugh, also. As of this writing, I cannot be certain that son Hugh was actually a junior (sharing the complete name), though some notations indicate he was without confirming the fact by citing an orginal record as evidence. Therefore, until more conclusive proog is found, Hugh, Sr. will be referred to as such or as Hugh Ghormley, I and not the misleading, Hugh, I. The mear dropping of the comma indicates the middle initial rather than the intended senior designation.

Genealogy of Hugh Ghormley, I